We have been baking bread, cakes and other delicacies since 1985

In love with the finer things

At the Pierozzi brothers

We are two brothers with a shared love of baking, born and raised among sacks of flour. 

We have always tried to put our own stamp on all our baked goods: bread, pizza, schiacciate, breakfast pastries and cakes.

No matter how much time passes, we never get tired of experimenting and growing.

Our artisan bakery has come a long way since 1985. Over the last ten years, the Pierozzi Group has grown from four people to about twenty employees, including bakers, pastry chefs and salespeople.

We look forward to seeing you in our two Pierozzi shops: our main location in Pieve al Toppo – a bakery, pastry shop and café with an open workshop – and our most recent space in the old Bastione di Santo Spirito at the start of Corso Italia, on the edge of the historic centre of Arezzo.

Treasures from our oven

Water, flour, yeast and passion: the four simple ingredients that started it all are still at the heart of our recipes.

Our first product was bread, and we still knead and bake it ourselves. In almost forty years of experimentation in our workshop, we have played with a lot of different flavours: our deliciously savoury schiacciata, our crispy pizza, and our long-fermented bread, which offers the perfect balance between taste and digestibility.

And then the world of cakes brought an explosion of sweetness into our workshop, complete with creamy puddings and mini treats, as well as homemade breakfast items, including croissants, biscuits and doughnuts.

Finally, our celebration cakes capture the unmistakable taste of tradition: panettone, nougat and panforte for Christmas; colombe and buns for Easter; brighelle, fiocchi and frittelle for Carnival.