Cakes and breakfast pastries

Fratelli Pierozzi cakes:
a moment of sweetness to brighten your day

The Fratelli Pierozzi pastry chefs are free to let their creativity run wild, dreaming up sweet treats to tantalise your taste buds.

We decided to dive into the world of cakes in 2004, and we have been working ever since to make every party an occasion and bring a smile to the faces of little ones and grown-ups as they blow out their candles.

Working alongside our pastry team, every day we bake sweet treats, biscuits, cakes and  cupcakes, experimenting with new flavours to find that perfect bite: that moment of sweetness that brightens your day.

A sweet awakening

To start your day the right way, you need a proper breakfast. It is our favourite part of the morning.

If you want to feel at home, we have bread with jam, just like mum used to make: wholesome and delicious.

For a real treat first thing in the morning, we offer sweet and savoury croissants in large and mini versions, perfect for anyone who does not want to go overboard on sugar.

Our entire pastry shop is at your fingertips, with cream, chocolate, fruit, hazelnut and pistachio delights, as well as mini treats, muffins and cakes, including torte della nonna, sachertortes, tarts, millefeuille and meringue pies.

Pair your choice of breakfast with a piping hot espresso, a frothy cappuccino, or a beautiful latte from our team at the coffee bar.