Welcome to the Fratelli Pierozzi bakery

About us

Fratelli Pierozzi owes every loaf of bread to the land around us.

Our story began here, in a small bakery in Pieve al Toppo in the Val di Chiana, located in the province of Arezzo. This is the green heart of Tuscany, with olive groves, orchards, wheat fields and small villages of stone houses perched on the hills.

The landscape shaped the ingredients that go into our most important recipe: our very own group of artisans, the Fratelli Pierozzi team.

We grew up watching our baker father Silvano, and we have been striving to perfect the art of breadsince 1997, combining traditional flavours with sweet experiments.

We have always tried to put the Pierozzi stamp on all our baked goods: bread, pizza, schiacciate, breakfast pastries and cakes.

No matter how much time passes, we never get tired of experimenting and growing.

You can find us in Arezzo, in our new Fratelli Pierozzi shop – in the ancient Bastioni di Santo Spirito on Corso Italia – and in our traditional headquarters in Pieve al Toppo, in the Val di Chiana, where our ideas come to life.

We are Marco and Leonardo:
the Pierozzi brothers

We are two brothers with a shared love of baking, born and raised among sacks of flour. When it comes to flavour, we are both perfectionists, constantly looking for the best possible results.

Sometimes, being a brother is better than being a superhero. One way or another, our relationship always shapes our creations.

Be they sweet or savoury, none of our recipes belong exclusively to Marco or Leonardo. There is a pinch of creativity in every biscuit, cake or schiacciata that comes from constantly experimenting with new flavoursside by side.

Baking is not a solo show: it’s a concert with many voices singing in harmony.

The otherslike to talk about secret ingredients. We believe in one fundamental ingredient: teamwork. It is the irreplaceable glue that binds we two brothers together. We are actually very different people – one more outgoing, the other more reserved – but we are totally united on this artisanal and family adventure.

A family history

Our father, Silvano Pierozzi, is the shop boy at the bakery in Pieve al Toppo.
1965 - 1985
Silvano takes over the bakery in Pieve al Toppo: a family business is born.
Our mother, Alessandra, joins the business, taking charge of home deliveries.
Marco starts working with our parents, delivering bread from door to door, first in a tiny Piaggio Ape and then in a van.
The team at the Pieve al Toppo bakery try their hands at cakes: the evolution is underway.
Leonardo joins the family business and takes over his brother's delivery job. Marco dedicates his time to creating new sweet treats in the workshop.
The Pierozzi brothers start touring Italy to discover to meet the industry experts and learn their techniques and traditions: they participate in fairs and workshops and hone their bread and cake baking skills.
Marco and Leonardo Pierozzi launch "Fratelli Pierozzi" in parallel with the family business.
29 July 2007
The first Fratelli Pierozzi shop opens on Via delle Piscine in Pieve al Toppo.
11 November 2007
The business is consolidated to the shop, with no more door-to-door sales: Leonardo joins the others in the family workshop.
The year of the handover: Marco and Leonardo Pierozzi have complete control over the family bakery.
Fratelli Pierozzi continues to grow: the new artisan workshop and shop find a home in a single large space in the industrial area of Pieve al Toppo.
11 November 2016
The Fratelli Pierozzi arrive in Arezzo, taking over the historic bar in the ancient Bastione di Santo Spirito and transforming it into a new "Fratelli Pierozzi" space.
20 December 2017


We are two brothers who love the finer things: we know that delicious treats will always put a smile on your face. We believe that ancient knowledge and new flavours make the perfect recipe.

Our dream for the future is a world where everyone can leave their mark: even a small action – a tiny crumb – has the power to make a difference in the lives of the people we meet.

As a result all the ingredients we choose for our recipes are a reflection of us: our history, the traditions of the people who grow them, the places where they were born. They tell the story of our home: the workshop in which these ingredients are transformed – in our hands and our co-workers’ hands – into Fratelli Pierozzi products.

Mission - Fratelli Pierozzi


We are constantly working to improve our recipes and create good food to bring people together, because the time we spend around a table leads to moments of true happiness.

For us, sharing food is the best way to enjoy life together.

Figli di Pasta Madre Viva

At Fratelli Pierozzi, we have been proud members of the Figli di

An all-Italian consortium, the Figli di Pasta Madre Viva strives to preserve the techniques for working with live sourdough, supporting the bakers, pastry chefs and pizza makers who choose to devote their hearts and time to this magical ingredient.

Live sourdough needs to be looked after like a child, but it is well worth the effort, ensuring perfect leavening and digestibility of the products that arrive on your tables.

Our most important recipe:
the Pierozzi group

In the Pierozzi group, everyone brings their own unique skills to the table. 

To make the most of our individual talents, we need the opportunity to express them in complete freedom and in a supportive and respectful environment.

It is a very complicated recipe, and it is constantly evolving. Our group is a living thing, a bit like our sourdough starter, and it needs the right conditions to thrive.

Finding the right balance can be complicated, but every goal we achieve together is a victory for everyone. Working together is far more important than the mechanical perfection you see in mass-produced baked goods. 

We are all different, and that’s okay: our dough, which we work and shape into something new every day, is a reflection of us and the way we work as a team. We are more than a business: we’re a family.

New lives deserve special care and attention

At Fratelli Pierozzi, we care about every new life.

We do everything we can to support our team members who are about to become parents: we rearrange their shifts and hours to ensure that they can take care of themselves and their children during pregnancy, breastfeeding and weaning, as well as any other time they need it.

Our co-workers are also happy to lend a hand, offering to change or take over shifts. We believe that being a company means helping each other through the small and large challenges we face in everyday life, creating something good together.

Our products reflect our beliefs. We would be proud to feed every slice of bread, cake and schiacciata we make to our children. They are created using wholesome and carefully selected ingredients, shaped with our own hands, and baked with love.