Celebration cakes

Christmas, Easter, Carnival: it's always time to bake

Holidays are a magical time when we can all come together. No matter how far we have to travel, the holidays are a chance to embrace our loved ones and spend time together around a table.

To celebrate with you, we have poured all of our expertise, knowledge of flavours and passion into the most popular traditional recipes. We give our panettone the time it needs to rise slowly, craft almond paste into ricciarelli, finish our cavallucci with crunchy walnuts, and bake panforte with candied fruit and oriental spices. Not to mention our nougat, which releases an intoxicating and irresistible aroma of honey and hazelnut.

At Easter time, we bake fluffy colombe and panine, and at Carnival we turn our attention to brighelle with crรจme patissiรจre, cenci, stracci and irresistible sugar-coated frittelle.

All year round, we are ready to celebrate with vin santo and cantucci, made from almonds or chocolate and chestnut flour from the Tuscan Valtiberina: a tantalising treat for true connoisseurs.