The art of bread: daily devotion

We spend our lives in the workshop to master the art of bread. Water, flour, yeast: that's all there is to it. We knead and wait for each loaf of bread to rise in its own time.

Our bread is baked at night, when the world is silent, time seems to move at its own pace, and everyone else is asleep. Every batch takes shape in this peaceful setting, its scent filling the air before the new day arrives.

This is the life we have always known. We would not want it any other way. We live with our hands immersed in dough, happy and covered in flour. Our commitment to authentic artisan bread drives us to constantly improve our recipes.

Every loaf of bread we bake is set apart by the type of flour we use. Our carefully selected ingredients, especially grains, capture the flavours of Tuscany and our own Val di Chiana.

We use verna, gentil rosso and senatore cappelli wheat from the Val di Chiana, ground by the expert millers of the Mulino Parri and Mulino Batignani.

At our bakery, you will always find homemade bread, ย naturally leavened sourdough bread โ€“ made from a blend of type 2 verna flour and type 0 flour โ€“ and three-flour bread, with a distinctive traditional flavour. We love historical bread and we love new bread, which is why we work every day to improve our flavours and tantalise your taste buds.

The same love goes into each of our batches, each loaf that appears on your table, and each slice on our children’s plates.

Schiacciata is not focaccia!

Let’s get one thing straight: we don’t make focaccia. Strong words from a pair of bakers, we knowโ€ฆ

At Fratelli Pierozzi, we are all about schiacciata, which is something else entirely.

They may look similar on the outside, but it’s what inside that really matters: schiacciata captures the essence of where we come from and our outlook on the future. Because we are artisans, we make schiacciata with our bare hands, stretching and shaping each batch of this savoury delicacy to keep it perfectly crunchy yet soft at the same time. Every mouthful is an absolute delight.

Long fermentation: bread for everyone

No complex processes, no patents. We have simply increased one key ingredient: time.

We give the dough all the time it needs for the enzymatic activity of the yeast to take effect, ensuring that the gluten is digestible even for people with an intolerance, allowing them to enjoy our bread and other leavened products with total peace of mind.

It's always the right time to enjoy a good pizza

How did we come up with our Fratelli Pierozzi pizza? The idea was there from the very beginning. Ever since we opened our bakery, the workshop and the shop have been inextricably linked.

Our pizza was born from our bread: it is made from the same base mixture, only more hydrated, and allowed to rise slowly with our live sourdough starter. The tomatoes are carefully selected from the best farms in Tuscany: they are bright red like the hot oven, which is kept at a constant temperature to transform the dough into a delicious treat that will keep you coming back for more.

Because let’s face it: it’s always the right time for a slice of pizza.