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Bakery, pizzeria and pastry shop

Our first product was bread, and we still knead and bake it ourselves by combining four simple ingredients: water, flour, yeast and passion.

Over time, we have learnt what it takes to achieve that perfect rise, and we are determined to bring you the best tasting products.

Baked goods will always be our first love: bread, pizza and schiacciata.

Then we turned our attention to pastries: tarts, croissants, biscuits, doughnuts, torte della nonna and cantucci. In Italy, croissants are often lumped in with cakes, although they are actually a yeast-leavened pastry more closely related to bread.

Cakes โ€“ including mini treats and creamy puddings โ€“ represent an exquisite world all their own, entrusted to the skilled hands of our pastry chefs, who are on a tireless quest to find the very best ingredients.

Every season comes with its own traditional delicacies, and we are all too happy to indulge: for Christmas, we bake panettone, nougat, panforte, cavallucci and ricciarelli; for Easter, we bake colombe and panine; and for Carnival, we bake brighelle, fiocchi and rice frittelle.ย 

Not to mention our Lingotto, the prince of breads, created by Fratelli Pierozzi in 2019. Born from the same starter that takes our panettone to such great heights, it is a loaf for every season and occasion, taking pride of place on your table all year round. It is the perfect finale for an evening with friends, created in a range of flavours using seasonal ingredients.