Living with the land

There is always a good reason to help

Living with the land and sharing the values that matter to us – traditional farming and artisanal practices, respect for ingredients and flavours – means passing our knowledge on to the younger generations, allowing it to grow over time and bear fruit. Like the wheat that sleeps under the snow in the winter fields before bursting into life, and like the yeast that transforms water, flour and love into bread.

We are therefore proud to work with the Banda dei Piccoli Chef di Arezzo: alongside Dr Barbara Lapini, we organise workshops where children can knead bread and learn to eat healthy while having fun at Fratelli Pierozzi.

We want to be proactive members of our community, supporting organisations that can really make a difference, such as LILT (Italian League for the Fight Against Cancer) and CALCIT (Independent Committee for the Fight Against Cancer).

We were born in the Val di Chiana, and this valley is our home: it is made up of villages, towns and people who rely on us and our products every day. This is why we have always tried to give back to our people and support local festivals and the cultural and theatrical associations in our area.

There is more to life than just work, and we all deserve some downtime.

Our local area should be a place where we can relax, enjoy ourselves and spend quality time together.